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  • Hand painted monogram


    Commission your own hand painted monogram inspired by one of the twelve months of the Scottish year. 


    'November' paints the momentous scene of jumping salmon as they fight their way over the Black Linn Falls in Dunkeld, to spawning grounds further along the river.


    This is first drawn with a quill in indian ink, and then painted with watercolour and gouache.  Each artwork is an original signed painting and not a PRINT.  Colours and patterns will vary from painting to painting - part of the beauty of commissioning your own piece. 


    Please allow for 5-7 working days in order to create your piece of art, and then the usual delivery timings once your order is posted to you. Should you have any urgent requirements, please do not hesitate to email me (address on info page).


    Choose from any letter in the Alphabet.


    Price £75 (price includes white mount - size 12"x12").

    Painting size approx 8"x8".


    • An original hand painted monogram created with indian ink, watercolour and gouache.  Painted on white acid-free heavyweight cartridge paper (approx size 8"x8") and mounted in a white mount (size 12"x12"). 

      Each painting is unique with varying shapes and colours, making for a truly special and original piece of art.

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